Archived Talks

This page gives a taster of meetings and talks we have had in the past. For information on more recent meetings, please see our Recent Talks page.

08-11-2016 Jennie Rayment

Jennie Rayment’s visit to Romsey Quilters was much anticipated and “wow” she didn’t disappoint! Despite battling major traffic problems on the M27, Jennie energetically entertained us with humorous anecdotes tucked, folded and pleated into many inspiring examples of her unique quilting style along with tips on dyeing in the microwave and what not to pack in your suitcase! A great talk that left us all smiling!

The following day Jennie taught a Scrappy Zappy Do workshop with lots of clear instructions and one-to-one help when needed.The day ended with a classic Jennie joke – all in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

20161108-jennie-rayment-3  20161108-jennie-rayment-4  20161108-jennie-rayment-5  20161108-jennie-rayment-10

20161109-jennie-rayment-workshop-1  20161109-jennie-rayment-workshop-2  20161109-jennie-rayment-workshop-3

25-10-2016 Judy Grant – American Museum in Britain

Our speaker today was Judy Grant of the American Museum in Britain. Judy last visited Romsey Quilters eight years ago so her return visit was long overdue! Judy gave us a fascinating presentation about how the museum came into being and how the original quilts were acquired. Judy explained how the approach to display and conservancy of the quilts has evolved over the years and described the method used to process newly acquired quilts (including six weeks in a freezer followed by several weeks to return to room temperature), also how the quilts are carefully and painstakingly prepared for storage. Judy brought several quilts with her including a log cabin quilt made using flour sacks, where you can literally see the history behind the quilt!

20161025-american-museum-1  20161025-american-museum-2  20161025-american-museum-4  20161025-american-museum-8

11-10-2016 Angela Madden

Today we welcomed Angela Madden who gave us an energetic and inspiring talk about her path through quilting illustrated with many impressive examples! Angela has a positive and refreshing approach to exploring new techniques, looking for the easiest and fastest way to achieve them and then developing templates, tools and patterns that ensure that everyone can experience similar success. We learned that there are no quilting rules – wavy borders, fabrics other than cotton, non-symmetrical designs and unusual quilting stitches are all good, just do what you think is fun and interesting!

  20161011-angela-madden-5  20161011-angela-madden-8  20161011-angela-madden-10

13-09-2016 Maryke Phillips

For the first meeting of the Autumn term we welcomed Maryke Phillips who gave us a fascinating insight into her “Stitching Obsession” that began when she reluctantly accompanied a friend to a fabric shop many years ago and immediately got hooked! A lifelong passion for stitching and fabrics has resulted in many colourful quilts, textile hangings and ‘stitch’ books packed with beautiful embroidery and inspiration. An entertaining image was that of Maryke as navigator on camper van trips with her husband, ensuring that their journey always took them via any nearby fabric shops! The beautiful fabrics and threads that Maryke brought with her were impossible to resist. An enjoyable and colourful start to September!

20160913-maryke-phillips-1  20160913-maryke-phillips-2  20160913-maryke-phillips-6  20160913-maryke-phillips-8

28-06-2016 Sandie Lush

Today we were immersed in the world of Baltimore Album Quilts by Sandie Lush. Sandie introduced us to doctor and psychiatrist William Dunton (1868 – 1966) who saw the benefits of occupational activity and particularly quilting to the health of his patients. Sandie showed us photos of many varied quilts explaining how expensive chintz material was used in an economic way in the appliqued blocks to make it go further. One enterprising lady called Mary Simon sold pre-basted blocks to other women who then incorporated them in their own quilts. All in all, it was a fascinating glimpse into the history of a particular style of quilting brought to life by the photos and the sample blocks that Sandie showed us.

  20160628 Sandie Lush - 6  20160628 Sandie Lush - 11  20160628 Sandie Lush - 8  20160628 Sandie Lush - 10

14-06-2016 Lynn Quinn

The spontaneous, fun and incredibly talented Lynn took us through her Adventure in Design today. Lynn explained how she had developed and shaped her skills taking inspiration for shape and colour from her grandma, wood turning, building design, play centres, off cuts etc. Lynn then took us through her thoughts and work on the City and Guilds course culminating in an amazing final piece with incredible colour, perspective and individuality. The range of Lynn’s ideas is simply incredible and inspirational!

20160614 Lynn Quinn - 5   20160614 Lynn Quinn - 7 20160614 Lynn Quinn - 1  20160614 Lynn Quinn - 3

24-05-2016 Sandra Sherwood – Days for Girls

Sandra Sherwood began her visit today by explaining how she became involved in the very worthwhile Days for Girls cause which aims to provide access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions for girls in Uganda and the third world. After explaining what makes up each kit, Sandra demonstrated the various stages of preparation. The hall then became a hive of activity as our members set about cutting, stitching, overlocking, applying studs, threading ribbons and preparing and packing the kits!

20160524 Days for Girls - 9 20160524 Days for Girls - 2 20160524 Days for Girls - 10 20160524 Days for Girls - 1 20160524 Days for Girls - 6 20160524 Days for Girls - 5

26-04-2016    Catherine Lawes

We were taken on a stimulating journey today by Catherine Lawes who led us from her early introduction to working with fabric through to the development of her own distinctive style. And what a journey! Her inspiration comes from many sources including aerial photographs, ancient architecture and the landscape and nature both here and New Zealand. Catherine continually evolves her style by exploring different fabric mediums, techniques and colour variations in her projects. A reminder that inspiration is all around us!

20160426 Catherine Lawes - 1 20160426 Catherine Lawes - 2  20160426 Catherine Lawes - 4 20160426 Catherine Lawes - 11

12-04-2016    Kim Porter

What a great start to the summer term as we welcomed Kim Porter who gave us a fascinating talk on the beauty of working with pre-worn fabrics. Kim took us through her early creative experiences and how they evolved into ‘Worn and Washed Fabrics’. Kim sources a lot of her fabrics from charity shops and had already taken the opportunity to explore what Romsey had to offer! Kim explained the careful process of washing, sun-drying, ironing and cutting the charity shop finds to combine them into her unique bundles and kits. The quilts that are produced have a lovely textured effect that is enhanced by lots of washing.

20160412 Kim Porter - 1 20160412 Kim Porter - 3 20160412 Kim Porter - 4 20160412 Kim Porter - 5

08-03-2016    Fine Cell Work 

We were honoured to hear Sandy Hosking of the charity ‘Fine Cell Work’ do her very first talk this morning. She gave us a really interesting insight into her amazing voluntary work with ‘lifers’ in Highdown prison in Greater London. Sandy is clearly an amazing lady and is doing something that most of us could not cope with at all. Sandy is teaching male prisoners who are serving life sentences to sew which in time can lead to quilting and embroidery which in turn can lead to a small source of income as well as perhaps, more importantly, a sense of achievement. For more information on the charity, founded by Lady Anne tree in 1997, please follow the link above.

20160308 Fine Cell Work - 1 20160308 Fine Cell Work - 2 20160308 Fine Cell Work - 6 20160308 Fine Cell Work - 5

23-02-2016 Pat Archibald – Aspects of India

Pat took us on a very special journey to India today describing some amazing experiences and the wonderful characters she met. These people made quite an impact on her and have been immortalised as ghostly figures in her beautiful work. Pat uses the palette of India’s colour, the spices, saris, jewellery, textiles and flowers and so on, for the background for her designs and also applied some of the skills learnt in India, such as block printing and beading. A fascinating talk which really came together when we saw some of the characters in the slides who reappeared in Pat’s gorgeous work.

20160223 Pat Archibald 1 20160223 Pat Archibald 2 20160223 Pat Archibald 3 20160223 Pat Archibald 4

09-02-2016 New Members Lunch!

Every year the Romsey Quilters Committee host a New Members Lunch and after Gail Lawther’s talk, we did just that! We welcomed 14 new members to enjoy a tasty lunch and all had a really lovely time, sharing food and talking about our shared passions (we are talking textiles here!). It was great to hear from members old and new how much pleasure everyone gets from being a member of Romsey Quilters.

New Members Lunch 20160209 - 1 New Members Lunch 20160209 - 2 New Members Lunch 20160209 - 3

09-02-2016 Gail Lawther – Glimpses of Britain

Gail Lawther gave us a real treat and had us all enthralled and quite often literally ‘in stitches’ with her amazing talk entitled ‘ Glimpses of Britain’. Not only were her quilts gorgeous but Gail has an astonishingly refreshing and humorous view on things and told us entertaining stories about the background and history relating to each quilt. We also had a Show and Tell from two visitors who had attended a workshop previously with Gail!

Gail Lawther 20160216 - 2 Gail Lawther 20160216 - 3