Archived Talks

This page gives a taster of meetings and talks we have had in the past. For information on more recent meetings, please see our Recent Talks page.

08-03-2016    Fine Cell Work 

We were honoured to hear Sandy Hosking of the charity ‘Fine Cell Work’ do her very first talk this morning. She gave us a really interesting insight into her amazing voluntary work with ‘lifers’ in Highdown prison in Greater London. Sandy is clearly an amazing lady and is doing something that most of us could not cope with at all. Sandy is teaching male prisoners who are serving life sentences to sew which in time can lead to quilting and embroidery which in turn can lead to a small source of income as well as perhaps, more importantly, a sense of achievement. For more information on the charity, founded by Lady Anne tree in 1997, please follow the link above.

20160308 Fine Cell Work - 1 20160308 Fine Cell Work - 2 20160308 Fine Cell Work - 6 20160308 Fine Cell Work - 5

23-02-2016 Pat Archibald – Aspects of India

Pat took us on a very special journey to India today describing some amazing experiences and the wonderful characters she met. These people made quite an impact on her and have been immortalised as ghostly figures in her beautiful work. Pat uses the palette of India’s colour, the spices, saris, jewellery, textiles and flowers and so on, for the background for her designs and also applied some of the skills learnt in India, such as block printing and beading. A fascinating talk which really came together when we saw some of the characters in the slides who reappeared in Pat’s gorgeous work.

20160223 Pat Archibald 1 20160223 Pat Archibald 2 20160223 Pat Archibald 3 20160223 Pat Archibald 4

09-02-2016 New Members Lunch!

Every year the Romsey Quilters Committee host a New Members Lunch and after Gail Lawther’s talk, we did just that! We welcomed 14 new members to enjoy a tasty lunch and all had a really lovely time, sharing food and talking about our shared passions (we are talking textiles here!). It was great to hear from members old and new how much pleasure everyone gets from being a member of Romsey Quilters.

New Members Lunch 20160209 - 1 New Members Lunch 20160209 - 2 New Members Lunch 20160209 - 3

09-02-2016 Gail Lawther – Glimpses of Britain

Gail Lawther gave us a real treat and had us all enthralled and quite often literally ‘in stitches’ with her amazing talk entitled ‘ Glimpses of Britain’. Not only were her quilts gorgeous but Gail has an astonishingly refreshing and humorous view on things and told us entertaining stories about the background and history relating to each quilt. We also had a Show and Tell from two visitors who had attended a workshop previously with Gail!

Gail Lawther 20160216 - 2 Gail Lawther 20160216 - 3

24-11-2015 Caroline Leppan – Having Fun With Crazy Patchwork

Today, we had a talk from Caroline Leppan on ‘having fun with crazy patchwork’.It was very apparent that Caroline indeed has fun producing lots of different items. Mini quilts, birds ,bags and even waistcoats and hats which were modelled with fun and flair by very our own Carolyn Finch, our new chairman!

Caroline Leppan - 1 Caroline Leppan - 2 Caroline Leppan - 5 Caroline Leppan - 4

10-11-2015 Karen Parry – Entaco (John James Needles)

We were all spellbound by Karen and her lively, educational and entertaining talk all about needles! Karen works for Entaco which is the umbrella company behind our old favourites such as John James, Milward and Aero. Entaco exports to 55 different countries and is one of the 3 main companies in the world to manufacture and supply hand sewing needles. We all learnt a huge amount, loved our goodie bags and were very happy to buy lots of needles at very generous prices.

John James Needles - 1 John James Needles - 2

27-10-2015 Jan Tillett

Jan Tillett joined us to talk about her journey through textiles and then in the afternoon ran a workshop. We all had fun making various fabrics with shrink fabric and embroidery stitches from the machine.

Jan Tillett - 1 Jan Tillett - 2 Jan Tillett - 3 Jan Tillett - 4

13-10-2015 Annette Emms

We were very lucky to have Annette Emms who talked to us about where she got the inspiration for her work and shared several tales from folklore. A great time was also had at the workshop the next day!

Annette Emms - 1 Annette Emms -2 Annette Emms -3 Annette Emms - 4 (Workshop)

08-09-2015 Meon Valley Quilters

Our first meeting after the summer break and we were treated to a feast of gorgeous quilts by 4 lovely ladies, Rosemary, Kathy, Jenny and Carolyn from the very talented and generous Meon Valley Quilters. We all had a great morning and the creative juices are well and truly flowing!

Meon Valley Quilters - 3 Meon Valley Quilters - 6 Meon Valley Quilters - 8 Meon Valley Quilters - 7